Art History - Starry Night Master

Starry Night Master, Original Acrylic on Canvas, 2003 $450.

I love the work of Van Gogh. The heavy dark blue outlines around some of his subjects heavily influenced much of my earlier work and still today when I'm in the mood.

Late last century I started to shift from representative paintings into more abstract concepts.  This work involved shifting color and light through various planes imagined on the canvas.  This painting (turned on its end, CW) was a play on Van Gogh's The Starry Night, but turned as shown seemed to capture the insane vision that consumed the artist.

I have enjoyed this painting from this angle for many years and am looking for a patron for it to help fund the Holland portion of my travelart excursion.  There I will be able to visit the newly renovated museum which honors the work of Van Gogh.

Order an 11x14 Print, $39.

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