Three Ways to Have Creative Breakthroughs

I attended an opening of abstract art which includes two pieces of my work from Torn!
and another favorite paperwork, at Red Tree Gallery last night.  The work all around was impressive.  It is always interesting to see the materials artists include - paper, fabric, found items, textures from jars, scraping away, layering on, and all the different techniques employed by the artists while applying these that make each piece different. Many conversations included discussion of the artist's need to explore, discover, innovate and invent new ways of doing things.  

As is often the case for me, these chats connected directly with something else I had been working on.   I found a lot of cool research while preparing for a blog about using creative interventions in the workplace to discover and unleash the underlying creative talent in the workplace and transfer those skills to benefit organizational goals and interests.  Everyone possesses creative skills.  Whether they use them to create art, deliver innovations on the job, or produce the effect that they are not creative at all -- it is all creative.

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Creative Breakthrough, Digital Collage 2014, Pic Michel
So I'm inviting you to have a creative breakthrough and consider how creative you are in everything you do. 
  1. Check out this post about creative breakthroughs on LinkedIn
  2. See what's new at HeartStudio Groups to access your creative nature
  3. Buy a cup of coffee at Red Tree or some other local gallery/coffeehouse/restaurant and really look to see what goes into a piece of art rather than just how it looks when it's finished.
As I say in the studio, what hangs on the wall is not a painting, it is a painted.  
Joy, release, and adventure is in the making!