Come to your Creative Senses - Za Creativ' Spa!

The artists working in the studio these days are getting down to the core where the inner creative collaborates with the inner critic to positively experience and express.
Those who "never knew" and "thought they knew" are discovering what they "always knew", working a method for experimenting with and making abundantly available, the full spectrum of their creative energy to be used with intent and pure pleasure.

Each of the paintings shown here are created by a different artist, using the same method as their foundation, referencing many of the same still life elements.  This method frees artists minds from strictly representational imitation, to creatively involve the elements facilitating and providing the infrastructure for personal expression.

Most certainly the art and discussions that follow will lead to even greater expression of individual creative applications as the method we are exploring continues to take root and throws out new growth.

New Classes!

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