Za' Creativ' Spa! A Huge Success!

How do you measure success?  Well in the case of Za Creativ' Spa, by how much didn't get done.  The 6-week course was designed to establish and enhance creative expression through drawing and painting.  Participants reported increased creative activity at home, greater growth and movement in their work, and overall feelings of satisfaction along with lowered stress levels. Really!

Over the course of the class, we hardly drew anything, and yet we drew everything in myriad ways that were difficult to judge but very enjoyable to engage. We went abstract and it was wonder-full. Not everyone liked everything we did and that, being okay, helped each person find the possibilities for which they had the greatest affinity as well as effectively addressing the stopping points that kept them from freely moving forward, which everyone liked a lot. 

In the end, Za' Creativ' Spa gave birth to a new method for connecting with and strengthening the creative body through the practice of abstract art, using various prompts which also help us relax, engage and enjoy the simple-complex pleasures of spending time creatively in the moment.  I believe learning to practice in this way is so essential to one's ability to do this, that I am offering it to all newcomers as the best way to begin honing a creative practice and distinguish creative being from just being creative. 

No need to wait for the next group, you can begin  the Abstract Awareness course immediately.  Contact me for more information!

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